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What is Diamondbrite Paint and Fabric Protection?

If you’ve ever looked at buying a new car, one thing you’re sure to have been asked about is paint and fabric protection. While there are several brands of this particular add-on – we offer Diamondbrite, ourselves – they all offer the same thing. But what is that, how does it work, and is it […]


2019 Suzuki Vitara Facelift

Following on from the recent announcement of the 30th Anniversary of the Vitara, Suzuki have announced the introduction in September of its 2019 Vitara model which incorporates numerous visual, technical and specification upgrades. The Vitara has always been a reliable car and it is currently the most popular model in the Suzuki range. Engine Firstly, Vitara […]


Six facts about filling up your car with fuel

Filling your car with fuel is a necessary task and something we all do without a second thought. Which might be a mistake because it can be a bit more complicated than you think. Here are six things that you might not know about filling up your car. How far can I drive with the […]


What does the colour of your car say about you?

The Colour of your car Are you thinking of buying a new car, but can’t decide on a colour? Apparently, your choice says more about you then you may think. Colour psychologist Angela Wright has revealed what each colour represents and what the colour of your car says about you. The UK’s favourite car colours […]


Orpington Mazda finishes redevelopment

Redevelopment of Orpington Mazda sales and aftersales site completed. Way back in Autumn last year the long-awaited refurbishment of our Mazda sales and aftersales site in Orpington began.  The project involved entirely redeveloping the site, and required extensive and lengthy building works.  While this was all underway, the incredible team down at Orpington continued with business […]


Suzuki S-Cross loaned to local children’s charity

T W White & Sons are delighted to announce the continued support of local children’s charity, The Children’s Trust with a second Suzuki S-Cross on long-term loan. Essential transport The practical yet stylish Suzuki crossover is used to assist with essential transport of staff, parents and patients at The Children’s Trust, a Surrey based charity that supports children […]


Fuel Consumption Explained

When it comes to buying a car, fuel consumption and mpg (miles per gallon) is always an important consideration.  And while MPG statistics must be provided for every new car, the terminology can leave you scratching your head.  Terms like ‘urban’ and ‘extra-urban’ may make sense to those setting the rules, but to most people […]


Weybridge Mazda dealer to restart sales

Mazda Dealership, T W White & Sons announces Mazda sales to recommence at Weybridge showroom As one of the largest and longest established Mazda dealership’s in the UK, T W White & Sons are delighted to announce the return of Mazda car sales to our Weybridge showroom. At T W White & Sons, we have represented […]


What questions should I ask when buying a new car?

Questions to ask when buying a new car There are few better experiences in life than picking up the keys for your brand new car, lowering yourself into the seat for the first time and breathing in that new car smell. Looking down at the milometer to see less than 10 miles on the clock, […]


WD-40 print advertisement full of sexual innuendo

This was a great find on the internet earlier – A 1964, WD-40 print advertisement full of sexual innuendo. After a little research, we found that this picture was first seen circulating on the internet in November 2014. Sadly, this supposedly “First release” printed advertisement does not match up with WD-40’s actual timeline. The WD-40 product was made […]


Mazda MX5 crowned Britain’s most reliable car

The Mazda MX5 has been ranked as the most reliable car in Britain, according to What Car? magazine. The publication’s annual reliability survey analysed over 50,000 vehicles, confirming the Mazda’s number one position. The consumer-focused magazine found that 96 per cent of MX5 sports cars built after 2005 are running completely fault-free. The two-seater recorded […]


Mazda MX5 a future classic

The Mazda MX5 is being hotly tipped to become the most popular classic car in the UK in 50 years time, according to a survey by classic vehicle insurance broker, Footman James. 7% of classic vehicle owners predicted the two-seat Mazda sports car would most likely be a future classic half a century from now […]