Trust T W White & Sons to take care of all your car servicing and maintenance needs. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, our fully manufacturer-trained service technicians maintain your car to the highest possible standard.

Servicing your car is vital for its health, warranty and, more importantly, your safety and peace of mind. Ensuring that all under bonnet components are working as they should be will help keep your car running correctly, as well as prolonging the life of your vehicle. Equally, a full service history keeps the resale value of your vehicle high.

T W White & Sons offer everything from full manufacturer services and annual MOTs, through to lower mileage interim services and smaller health checks. We are also able to offer steering wheel alignments, air conditioning services and fitting of any parts and accessories.  Whatever your car make or model, our specialist staff use their extensive knowledge to get you back on the roads as quickly as possible.

We appreciate that servicing your car can be a hassle, so in order to make the process as seamless as possible, we can provide courtesy cars* or are able to offer a collection and delivery service. Please enquire when booking in. Alternatively, if you would like to wait while your car is being serviced, our customer reception areas offer complimentary Wi-Fi, TV, magazines, and hot and cold refreshments at all our sites.

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Car Service

Why is servicing your car important?

Keeping your car maintained is very important for your car’s health, your car’s warranty, your own safety and the bank balance!

Experts argue that most motorists think they recognise the importance of car servicing, but at a time when everyone is looking to cut costs, skimping on your car's servicing isn’t the way to go. Regular maintenance is essential to improving your car's reliability and it can also help reduce the need for major repairs down the line:

"It’s easy to put car servicing off, whether it’s to save money or just due to the demands of work or family, but it could end up costing car owners more in the long-run" explains Frank McCaffrey, Managing Director of Exchange and Mart.

Servicing your vehicle is about ensuring that the engine is running correctly and that there are no problems with the car’s safety. A correctly serviced and tuned engine will have a longer, more economical service life than one that is worn due to minimal or inappropriate attention.

If your car hasn't had frequent oil and fluid changes, the engine components are far more likely to fail. In some cases if your vehicle hasn’t undergone regular servicing, warranty payments can be declined, you could then face unexpected bills.

A key benefit of keeping your car regularly serviced is that it will help keep the future resale value of your vehicle high and make it more desirable to potential buyers, because it has been well looked after. A full service history adds £’s to used car values.

What’s involved in a car service?

Servicing a modern car requires much more than simply an oil / filter change these days and can involve up to 50 or more component, system checks and adjustments. This is why at T W White & Sons our Car Technicians are fully manufacturer trained on all aspects of new vehicles, utilising tools, equipment and parts specifically designed for your car.

Maintaining your car’s engine and emissions levels requires electronic monitoring and fine adjustment according to the diagnostic computer read out. 
We always use the correct oil designed for your car to run-on. Now more than ever it is important because proof of using the correct oil is often requested by manufacturers when considering a warranty claim. The correctly specified tyres too are also important for your safety, grip and economy – we will make appropriate suggestions, dependent on your individual needs.

Using T W White & Sons for all your car servicing can help identify any potential major problems with the engine and transmission before they occur and also help pick up any potential cooling system problems including leaks from the radiator, water pump, hoses, cylinder head or gasket.

These full services can also highlight the condition of the brake pads, battery, steering alignment, suspension, oil leaks of any sort, exhaust leaks or corrosion - even how well the door locks are working.

The management computer system on most vehicles is revisable and can periodically require software updates and modifications to keep the control systems in correct order.

Even after a seemingly basic oil & filter change several parameters need to be computer reset on certain models. We receive weekly updates, modifications and service tips from the vehicle manufacturers’ and are able to download these on to your vehicle as necessary to help improve the longevity, performance, economy and safety of your car. We also have access to the manufacturers specialist technical help teams who we can call on to visit the dealership should the need arise. In recent years we have seen a rise in the number of vehicles brought in to us by independent garages who have not been able to complete a service or repair as they do not have the required equipment & knowledge.

Technicial doing car Service

What you get when servicing your car with T W White & Sons..

Fast Efficient Servicing:

We aim to fix things right the first time offering you peace of mind when you drive your car. Our technicians are factory trained to some of the highest manufacturer standards and utilise the latest diagnostic equipment and tools. Their combined experience allows our team to find solutions to most problems quickly and thoroughly.


We are continually seeking to improve our technicians' judgment and expertise, and that’s why we invest in training year after year. As a group we hold a total of 112 accreditations; from ABS Systems and Engine Management through to Expert Technicians, meaning our collective intelligence stretches further than most of our competition.

Customer Experience:

We strive to ensure that your dealings with us are easy going and stress free. We always seek to ensure our prices are competitive and transparent with no unexpected extras on your bill. We are proud to hold accolades such as our "Exceptional Customer Service Award" – but we can only achieve this if we provide you with nothing short of outstanding service on an on-going basis.

Added Extras:

We fully appreciate the inconvenience servicing your car can cause. That’s why we can provide you with while-you-wait services, courtesy cars*, and a collection and delivery service to make your experience seamless and easy. Please ask for details when you are booking in. Don’t forget we will also wash and vacuum your car when you have it serviced with us as an extra thank you.

Tailored Options:

If you feel your vehicle is not due a full manufacturer's service, perhaps due to low mileage or change of use, please still contact us so we can discuss the circumstances and update our records. We can tailor a service to suit your needs whilst still maintaining your service and warranty records.

Code of Practice:

At T W White & Sons we have pledged our commitment to honest and fair trading by signing up to the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair. This code set up in 2008 encourages garages to maintain a high standard of customer service, and commits us to an open and fair way of doing business.

*Courtesy cars are available free-of-charge. However, we ask that they are insured fully-comprehensively. This can be done through your own insurance, or, we offer insurance cover for the duration of your time in our cars for £12.