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Car Finance Explained – How Does Car Finance Work?

Investing in a new car is a big decision, so you want to ensure that you pick the purchase or finance option that’s right for you. You can buy a vehicle outright, but most people tend to opt for one of the finance options available. Car finance allows you to spread the cost of the […]


Buyers guide to pre-registered cars

While buying a brand new car might be alluring, and being the first driver registered to the car certainly has its benefits, it’s not necessarily the right choice for you. Before you make you decide, read our guide to pre-registered vehicles to see if it’s the best option for your needs. When it’s time to […]


The truth about average speed cameras

Dispelling the myths and misconceptions surrounding average speed cameras, we get down to the truth of how they work and how you can avoid getting fined. While we can all understand the need to monitor speeds from a safety perspective, no one like seeing the yellow of a speed camera in the road ahead. With […]


What to do if your windscreen gets damaged

The windscreen of your car performs an important job – so if you’re driving with a damaged windscreen you need to be aware of the laws and risks. In this guide we will tell you all you need to know to help you prevent or fix your windscreen-related issues! How do i stop a crack from […]


The buyers guide to car finance

*Originally posted 23rd December 2015. The post has been updated to include more recent information. Which Car Finance is right for me? Buying a new car is an exciting experience for anyone, but it can quickly become a stressful one if you’re bombarded with car finance payment options and financial jargon that you’re not familiar […]


Intro to Suzuki’s Small Car Range

We take a look at Suzuki’s small car range to you decide which one is the right choice for you Although the roads seem to be dominated by SUVs and crossover vehicles, it’s still small cars that make up the majority of new car sales in the UK.  According to statistics gathered by the Society of […]

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Parking Guide [Infographic]

Parking Guide Infographic – An infographic by T W White & Sons NOTE: This article has been updated to include a description of the bay parking instructions.  It was originally posted on 10th April 2013. Ever found yourself going backward and forwards as you hold up a whole queue of drivers while you try and […]

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Check and top up your engine coolant – Step by step guide

With the hot weather hitting the UK  you might not think the increased temperatures will have too much of an effect on your car. However, it is essential to regularly check and top up your engine coolant level when needed. Don’t dismiss the warm weather’s impact on your vehicle, as letting your engine coolant level drop […]


The Ins and Outs of Car Servicing

We’ve all been told that it’s important to service our cars in time with the manufacturer’s schedule, and for the most part are pretty good at getting the car in eventually.  But if someone asked us what exactly is involved in your car’s annual service and why it’s important, a lot of us would be […]


Classic Mazda MX5 buying guide

Following our review of the mk2 classic Mazda MX5, we’ve been thinking just how strong a used proposition either Mazda’s first- or second-generation two-seater sports car is. So we’ve put together a used buying guide for the classic version of this iconic Japanese roadster, detailing out the most important things to check for to make […]


Euro NCAP Explained

When a new car is launched, many will boast about a high Euro NCAP star rating.  While it’s pretty obvious that 5-stars is good, and 1-star is bad, what does this rating actually mean?  And how much should we be taking the Euro NCAP rating into account when looking to buy a new car? What […]


Diesel or Petrol – Which fuel is best – Infographic

Diesel or Petrol? A long standing question which crosses most of our minds when deciding what fuel of car to go for when buying a new vehicle. And with automotive technology advancing all the time, we constantly see new cost-effective, fuel-efficient vehicles on the market. That’s before you even consider some of the newer technologies like […]