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A Second Hand Car Buyer’s Guide Infographic

While nothing quite beats the feeling of driving away in a brand new car with only a few miles on the clock, there are many advantages to buying a second hand car over a brand new car. Firstly, second hand cars are cheaper to buy than new cars and they won’t depreciate in value as […]


What questions should I ask when buying a new car?

Questions to ask when buying a new car There are few better experiences in life than picking up the keys for your brand new car, lowering yourself into the seat for the first time and breathing in that new car smell. Looking down at the milometer to see less than 10 miles on the clock, […]


Things to notify your car insurance company of

Driving is all about adapting to change – whether that’s traffic conditions, grip levels on a wet road, or how different cars react to your inputs. But there are a certain number of changes that, according to your insurance company, are more important than others. These alterations to circumstances – through your doing or completely […]


How much time do you spend in your car | Infographic

Read our latest infographic which we’ve put together to show just how much get up to in our cars. On average we spend a total of 4.3 years of our life in our cars! That is a hugely long time and as our infographic shows, we get up to some strange things other than just driving […]


Changes to Tax disc laws

As of 1st October 2014, it will no longer be a legal requirement to display a paper tax disc. Over the years, with advances in technology there is no longer a need to have a paper system to how record of who has paid their road tax. Instead, an electronic system will keep a log of […]

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How to check and change your brake fluid

Knowing how to check and change your brake fluid is just as important as checking your car’s engine oil and knowing how to change that. Your vehicle is a well-oiled machine (hopefully…) that takes many different components working in harmony to run properly. Therefore no one area is more important than the other, which is […]

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How to change a wheel

Knowing how to change a wheel on a car is vital – it’s funny how punctures never come at the right time, isn’t it? Usually, luck would see you fall flat (literally) soon after you’ve bought a brand new set of tyres, packed the car up to go on holiday or are in a rush […]

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Why not putting oil in your engine can actually be a slippery slope

The role oil plays in your car’s engine is vitally important, and not keeping an eye on your motor’s oil levels – as well as regularly changing the stuff at the prescribed intervals – can cause excess wear and even engine failure. Just like your bones need cartilage to freely move, your engine needs oil […]

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