Parking Guide [Infographic]

Parking Guide [Infographic]

Parking Guide Infographic – An infographic by T W White & Sons

NOTE: This article has been updated to include a description of the bay parking instructions.  It was originally posted on 10th April 2013.

Ever found yourself going backward and forwards as you hold up a whole queue of drivers while you try and shimmy into a small parallel parking space? Or somehow overlapping the lines while you parallel park in the local supermarket carpark? Our handy Parking Guide Infographic has all the information you need in order to execute the perfect park. Read on:

Parking Guide Infographic

Parking Guide: Parallel Park

Think timing and angles. Find a space that is ideally several meters longer than your car, and pull up alongside the car in front (car A). Stop when the rear of your car is in line with car A. Put your steering wheel on full lock, and start reversing, slowly, until you see the front right corner of the car behind you (car B) in the centre of your rear windscreen. At this point, straighten your steering wheel and continue reversing until you have just passed car A. Once you have passed car A, turn your steering wheel on full lock in the other direction and continue reversing slowly until you are parked. Straighten your steering wheel.

Parking Guide: Bay Parking

Reverse Parking into a Bay

Once you’ve decided on your space, line up the middle of the front passenger door with the 3rd parking line in front of your chosen bay.  Check the surrounding area for pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles.  When it’s clear, turn to look through the rear window, and begin slowly reversing whilst turning the wheel to a full left lock.  Keep checking your left wing mirror until the left parking line of the bay appears.  At this point, keep checking both your wing mirrors to keep an even distance from both.  Once both lines look parallel in the side mirrors, straighten the wheel.

Forward Parking into a Bay

If you want to park forwards into a bay, start by approaching with the empty space on your right-hand side.  Line up the driver’s side mirror with the number plate of the car parked just before your space.  Signal, then begin turning your steering wheel to the right two and a half times.  Once you’re in the space, straighten up.


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