The automotive industry is constantly evolving. Digitalisation, connectivity and new powertrains are becoming the norm as we move away from a traditional mechanical car to one with electronic components that can be controlled by our mobile devices. Keep up-to-date with the latest technology coming to a showroom near you.


Suzuki Swift Dualjet Engine

The Suzuki Swift range is set to get an upgrade in 2015 with a new “Dualjet” 1.2 litre petrol engine, which will see significant increases to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions. The Suzuki Swift Dualjet engine, is set to average 65.7mpg, in comparison to the current 1.2 litre petrol engine which currently averages 56.5mpg.  That’s a fantastic 16% improvement in fuel […]


Hunter HawkEye Wheel Alignment System

Ensuring that your car has the correct wheel alignment has a range of benefits to both the driver and the vehicle, such as improving fuel efficiency, tyre life, road handling experience, and more importantly, increase driver and passenger safety. At T W White & Sons Byfleet Aftersales Centre, we offer wheel alignments using a state […]


Explained: Mazda’s i-ELOOP energy recovery system

Recovering kinetic energy from a moving vehicle, using it to help power on-board electronic systems is not a new idea – hybrid cars have been using this technology for a while. But Mazda’s approach to solving the problem is. The i-ELOOP system, unique to the Japanese manufacturer, uses capacitors to store its energy in favour […]


What is a Mazda Digital Service Record?

Cars with full service histories are worth more and easier to sell – it’s a fact. Indeed, according to an investigation carried out by ICM Research, a full service history on a car could increase its value by 26%. But with the traditional book and stamp arrangement, sometimes it can be difficult to keep track […]


MyMazda app now available for your mobile

Mazda launched its MyMazda smartphone app to keep owners abreast of their vehicle’s maintenance schedule, review their car’s service history and even request roadside assistance (not that Mazdas breakdown very often). The new app is available free of charge to all customers and is linked to the Japanese firm’s Digital Service Records, a system that […]