FREE Winter Health Check

FREE Winter Health Check

Have you thought about your car’s health this winter?

As winter fast approaches, we busy prepare ourselves to deal with the cold weather ahead – flu jabs and turning the heating up! But have you stopped to consider your car’s health yet this winter?

Cold weather plays havoc with your car and can cause major headaches with breakdowns due to battery faults, minor accidents and mechanical problems.

October to February is Green Flag’s busiest months, with calls for assistance rising by as much as 26% compared with the rest of the year. In fact, more than half of all calls for roadside assistance are due to winter-related breakdowns.

The cold weather takes its toll on your car’s key parts and may compromise your safety whilst out on the roads this winter. To make sure that your car is fit & ready to deal with these conditions, T W White & Sons are offering their customers a FREE Winter Health Check to give you total peace of mind.

Our fully trained technicians will carry out a comprehensive 12-point visual inspection to examine the key elements of your vehicle. This will help you ensure optimum safety when driving during the winter months. The inspection includes checking your tyres for wear, tread depth and pressure, your brakes for optimum braking in wet and icy conditions, fluid levels, lights and wipers, as well as the operation and effectiveness of the air-conditioning system to ensure it will quickly demist the windscreen during cold weather.

12 Point Visual Check

Check tyre pressure & conditionCheck condition of drive belts
Check brake fluid levelsCheck operation of Air Conditioning system
Check shock absorbers for leaksCheck operation & condition of wiper blades
Check light operation both front & rearA visual inspection of brake pads & discs
Visual check of battery conditionCheck coolant level & strength
Check engine oil levelTop up Anti-freeze, Oil (upto 1ltr) & Washer fluid

To book your FREE Winter Health Check, contact one of our sales teams today. We have service centres in Byfleet, Surrey, Bookham, Surrey and Orpington, Kent.

*Updated 25/10/2016

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