Time to buy my first car

Time to buy my first car

Driving licence in hand – time to buy my first car!

Everyone remembers their first car—not only the make and the model but the way she drove and the friends you bundled in; filling all the seats. First cars are full of memories, and more than often the first “big thing” we’re responsible for. As with many firsts, sometimes we need a little helping hand on where to start.

Here are a few tips to help you with your first car purchase so that the cost doesn’t burn a hole in pocket and you can enjoy your new independence.

Saving for my first car

Budgeting: Buying and running your first car is one of your first lessons in money management, helping you on your way to becoming a budgeting pro. With your new car, you can’t avoid basic costs including Fuel, Road Tax, Insurance and Safety Maintenance – But you can be savvy with the car you choose which can help reduce those costs.

On the T W White & Sons new and used car pages you will see a handy ‘Running Costs’ Tab (shown below).

The ‘MPG’ stands for miles per gallon. It tells you how fuel efficient a car is, and lets you compare cars’ efficiency levels. In short the higher the MPG, the more miles you get for your money after filling up at the petrol station!

The cars’ Co2 emmisions’ determine your Tax Band which is calculated to incentivise greener driving. Your car’s Road Tax is the cost you will have to pay each year to have your car on the road! So I know you really wanted that fast sporty car, however that could incur a higher annual fee of £500+ road Tax. :/ The car’s age may also affect Road Tax. Newer cars come with newer technology and better Co2 emmisions that ultimately saves you money on fuel and road tax, which in some case can be as low as £0 a year and you’re being good to the environment.Car running costs for First car buyers

A big cost saving tip is to look at a car’s insurance group before purchasing. These are based on a group rating panel that assigns new car models to a particular insurance group from 1 being the cheapest to 50. For instance, cars in lower insurance groups attract a lower premium to cars in the highest groups. Equally as a new driver, your insurance premium will be higher than a more experienced driver. So when choosing your first car keep to a low insurance bracket to help save a few extra pennies.

Responsibility: You’re finally on the road and the world is your oyster! With the fun of driving at your fingertips it’s important to remember you are now responsibility for the upkeep of your car, safety and the safety of your passengers and other drivers on the road. To ensure your cars safety, it is a legal requirement for all cars over three years old to be tested annually and pass an MOT.  On top of that you will also need to be mindful of regular servicing. Servicing can either be annually or when your car has done a certain amount of miles. For more details on why it’s important to service your car regularly visit our aftersales page.

Engine oil top-up

Self-Reliance: With most modern cars and insurance these days you can get RAC / AA roadside recovery, a SATNAV to lead the way and in car-technology to tell you when your car needs oil, water, a bulb etc. A big part of owning your first car should also include knowing just a few basics such as: How to check and top-up engine oil levels, topping up the windscreen washer or figuring out how to read a map on your first long trip and don’t forget correct tyre treads and pressure. Knowing how your car works can also be a good money saving tip. Check out some of our ‘How to’ guides.

Enjoy: There’s nothing like the open road to give you a sense of total freedom and joy, and to make you appreciate what a privilege it is to be able to get up, get out and drive anywhere you want to go.

Mazda MX5 fun in the sun

Hopefully you have found this article useful. If you would like any additional help on purchasing a new or used car for the first time, contact any of our sales representatives who will be more than happy to assist you on your first car purchase. ^Contact us now from the top of the page^

Another article that you may find useful is our ‘Buyers Guide to Car Finance’ that also highlights some of the benefits of buying a new car vs a used car.

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