Suzuki Concept Cars in Geneva

Suzuki Concept Cars in Geneva

Suzuki have recently unveiled 2 new concept cars at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Firstly, the iK-2 a new compact hatchback concept and secondly the iM-4 – SUZUKI’S NEW MINI 4×4 concept car.

The iK-2 concept vehicle takes the ideal compact car to new levels offering all the elements and more expected in a car this size.

Suzuki iK-2

The iK-2 is inspired by the concept of “Harmonised Force.” That is, according to Suzuki “Harmonisation of optimised packaging by the compact car expertise, pleasant driving experience by the latest technology, and a flowing exterior design that beautifully wraps those shapes an ideal compact car”

The Liquid Flow design expresses the energetic movement of liquid, giving the car a classy, elegant, yet dynamic look. The model is built around a new-generation platform and comes equipped with Suzuki’s new BOOSTERJET engine – a new direct-injection turbo petrol unit.

Suzuki iK-2 concept

The production model expected to be added to the Suzuki line up based on this concept car is to be released in Europe in early 2016.

The iM-4 is an intelligent yet tough, iconic mini 4×4 which is set to expand perception of possibilities and enjoyment of a compact 4×4. It has a simple exterior design which fuses innovation with Suzuki’s design heritage.

Suzuki iM-4

The inspiration for Suzuki’s latest 4×4 concept vehicle has come from “Shape the Inspiration.” Suzuki explains that the iM-4 is a “personal vehicle that opens up new possibilities and new ways to have fun.”

Packaged in a minimalist body design, the compact iM-4 is intelligent but tough, offering reliable performance rooted in the Suzuki 4×4 tradition coupled with the latest fuel-saving technology. The minimalist design blends perfectly into the driver’s lifestyle, while its distinctive character brings real inspiration to the daily routine.

Suzuki im4

The iM-4 features a 4WD system, high minimum ground clearance, and high hip point. It is designed to be easy to drive while also offering a performance that lets you confidently drive in snow and on unpaved roads. It has a user-friendly interior and luggage area, and also incorporates cutting-edge technology with a new-generation platform and SHVS mild hybrid system, which deliver excellent fuel consumption with low CO2 emissions.

Suzuki concept car im-4

The unique and minimalist body consists of plain surfaces and round roof, with straight, architectonic lines that give it a beauty and precision. The large-diameter tyres jutting out at the four corners firmly support the body and hint at the car’s power and muscular performance. Dramatic features such as the front fascia with its sunglass-clad look, the helmet-like roof, and the slits on the C-pillars which convey historic Suzuki cars of the past inspire the driver to be creative.

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